Our Story

This is what make us different !

Our work speaks for itself and acts up effectively to engage your target audience

Since you’re here to know what we do, allow us to take the credit for bringing you here and as our name suggests to “Act” on our convincing stature. What we offer is that we find the most important thing about you, and we focus on that. Sometimes, it’s easy to find that one thing. Maybe you’ve already found it. Sometimes it’s really hard to uncover, and that’s where we shine. With over 200+ videos produced, 300+ satisfied clients and 100+ collaborative projects in just a 2 year run, we have cemented ourselves among the top in the US with value for money video production, speaking of “Value for money” apart from making 2D animations, we outsmart our rivals with top of the line 3D animations, what we’re trying to say is that our 3D animation abilities are unparalleled and we can bet on this claim.

At Act on video, we ensure that our work speaks for itself and acts up effectively to engage your target audience. We’re a US-based company which specializes in 2D and 3D animation of the highest quality for diverse range nationwide and international businesses. We strive to focus on creativity & quality and don’t produce “Garden-variety” work! Yes, we don’t, don’t be surprised, there’s more interesting stuff as you read along. We are well aware of the high competition between explainer video companies in the US, but we certainly are the “talk of the town” when it comes to producing unique, inspiring and inventive videos.

Go through our portfolio and services to experience professionalism and creativity, our vast work catalog is what makes us the best in this field plus project delays and budget overruns just don’t happen to us as we are totally focused on our and your objectives. Speaking of creativity, we have boasted a lot about our creative skills above right? , well we just don’t “Blow our own trumpet”, take a look at our arsenal and what we offer. Acton video offers, Cutting edge motion graphics & Enchanting hand-drawn whiteboard animation, Kinetic typography, 3D animation, Infographic animation, 2D animation, But do you know what we’re amazing at? Its 3D Character animation, 3D Product animation, 3D Modeling, 3D Simulation and VFX (Visual Effects) you name it. Whenever there’s a technological advancement in a visual medium, two things happen. First, people notice. Second, new stories become possible and Actonvideo with the power of 3D makes it POSSIBLE.

This will sound shallow but looks matter. This is marketing, the goal is to be noticed. To stand out, to rise above your competition in the minds of your audience. We believe 3D can help you do that because it doesn’t just look good and open up new visual storytelling opportunities, it has a whiz-bang quality that just makes people pay attention.

So are you impressed and convinced? , well get in touch with us If you’re currently in the research phase or simply looking for help, We regard your work as our very own to formulate a cordial bond so that you just don’t appreciate the work we do but return to us with other future assignments. We will guide you and quote you with the best economical prices, So Let us tell your story to the people just like the way we did to tell ours.