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Quantity or Quality – Planning your Video Marketing Strategy

Posted by actonvideo — Apr 25, 2018

We have talked a lot about video marketing strategy previously, At the very core, video content is important because some people a....

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How a Motion Graphics explainer videos elevates your business standing

Posted by actonvideo — Apr 23, 2018

Choosing the right style for your marketing video is a bit like going to a new restaurant for the first time. You’re handed a me....

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Why a customized explainer video is your best bet

Posted by actonvideo — Apr 14, 2018

We live in a time when customized explainer videos have become a necessary tool in every company’s marketing strategy. Despite t....

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Our Guide to Creating ROI Friendly Explainer Videos

Posted by actonvideo — Apr 06, 2018

Creating ROI Friendly Explainer Videos In the present scenario, videos are making beyond belief place in the market. It seems mor....

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