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Which is the Best Animation Style to choose for an E-learning project?

Posted by actonvideo — Sep 08, 2018

Everyone hates learning the old school way, right? You, us and everyone who reads what we write because of let’s face it, in thi....

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How Explainer Videos can Transform Banking Industry

Posted by actonvideo — Sep 07, 2018

So our bank advisor is sitting next to us and we’re biting our nails and scratching our heads. He has a few folders spread out i....

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How Motivational Animated Videos are Relevant in Employee Productivity

Posted by actonvideo — Sep 01, 2018

Nothing can be so demotivating and stressful as us writing everyday just for you , just like you , we’re employees too and trust....

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How Much Does a Business Explainer Video Cost?

Posted by actonvideo — Aug 31, 2018

It’s not surprising that businesses too have budget constraints, a limited marketing budget to achieve goals and if their motto ....

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