Company Story Video


How your company story video helps in creating a strong consumer image

Speaking of company story videos, do you have one? , if you don’t then your company needs it NOW. Let us tell you why. Not because everyone else is doing it, but because if you don’t then you will be left behind. Let’s get straight to business now.

Company Story Video


Increased reliability & Trust

Nothing helps your audience (read: potential customers) identify and relate to your business than a solid company story video. A video puts a face to a name and allows an audience to see the genuine nature of your business and offering. People like buying from people. If they have confidence in you that hugely increases their likelihood to buy from you.


Reach more potential customers through social


A Company story video is one of the top shared pieces of content on social media. If your video is relevant to your audience and resonates with them, they will share it with others who they think it will be useful for or to elicit a similar reaction. This gives your message the opportunity to engage more potential customers. Such organic targeting of individuals means your content will naturally reach the right people if it’s effective in its messaging.


Deliver more information in less time


“Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. A video is a more passive experience than reading a text, it’s much easier for the audience to become immersed in what you’re conveying to them. This result is not only more information being conveyed but an emotional quality that’s near impossible to match in the written word.


Google loves video


Google is designed to get the most relevant information to the user, the more informative Google deems the information or content, the more likely it is going to put it further up the user’s search results. Also Google’s own YouTube – the second largest search engine globally* and since this acquisition, Google algorithms heavily favor video content over text-based. Include your company story video with the top giants.


Stand out from the crowd

There’s no doubt about it: video is an important part of content marketing and it’s only going to become more essential. Consider these facts:

90% of web consumers say that a company story video helps them make a decision to buy a business’ product or service

65% of the people watch work-related videos visit the business’ website afterward

Estate agency listings that use video get over 400% more inquiries than those without video.

Currently, 71% of companies plan to increase their company story video marketing budget — you still have the opportunity to stand out from the competition by making use of this powerful marketing tool. Use a company story video to introduce your company as a corporate brand to newcomers, answer your website visitors’ questions, or just to make them laugh—not to mention create a favorable and lasting impression.