Educational Explainer Videos

People are able to recall information easily when they have received it from the stories featured in animated videos. Stories have a special ability to deliver new ideas to everyone. Explainer videos can intelligently, efficiently, and smoothly deliver ideas and information and because they are funny, people remember them for a long time.


The same ingredients that make explainer videos successful for business can also be applied to education. Many studies have found that preservation of information is high after watching videos because the information is transferred to the brain in auditory and visual form. In a study that only focused on audio, people were able to recall half of the information provided, while in another study, they were able to retain 80 percent of the visual information. In the case of videos containing both audio and visual, studies have shown that the retention rate was 75 percent overall.

Why Educational Explainer videos?

Campaigns: No matter what campaign you are promoting, the number of people connecting with your mission is what’s important. When you are mostly dealing with conceptual ideas and reasoning, it is difficult to make people understand what you are really trying to accomplish and to connect people with the campaign. Educational explainer videos are the best and most interesting way to make people aware of these kinds of issues and help them understand them swiftly and efficiently.

Educational Explainer Videos.


Public Education: When you need to broadcast information to the public about your proposals, educational explainer videos are the best and effective way to accomplish this. These videos not only keep your audience engaged but also effectively deliver the message. Educational Explainer videos can be forwarded across different social channels, incorporated into your website, or included in a presentation. You can expand your reach simply by sharing and circulating videos on different kinds of media.

School: There is now an ongoing debate about the efficiency of the current educational system. How much knowledge are students able to retain when it presented in text form? The technology in our educational system needs to evolve in the same ways it has evolved in other fields. The traditional ways of teaching do not work well when the information being conveyed is more complex than in the past. After listening to a lecture for a while, students might find it boring and difficult to maintain the necessary concentration.