A million dollar question that everyone asks is, why are infographics so effective? , Why is that? Our brains do less work to digest visual content, first of all. And, more compellingly for marketers, visual content drives more traffic and engagement than plain text does. Most people and companies adopt infographics into their marketing strategy as a way to convey complex information. They use concise visuals that are compelling, entertaining, and easy-to-understand. This adoption has helped many marketers to increase their site traffic via backlinks, searches, and viral shares. Over the course of the last few years, more people are publishing infographics at an increasing rate.

Consumers, businesses and viewers crave for visual eye candy and this style gives them that. Studies show we have less than 10 seconds to clearly communicate a proposition if we want to capture someone’s attention. More than half of all users who view a web page spend less than 15 seconds looking at it. Info graphics are social media’s best friend, infographics can still generate massive amounts of interest in a very short period of time. Not only this, it works great when it comes to gaining internet traffic, Make a great infographic, embed a healthy supply of links, and you can get great referral traffic to your sites. Never be tempted to sacrifice substance for style! As with any form of content marketing, well-researched, high-quality content is the cornerstone of an effective infographic,this is what matters the most.

infographics allow you to create an emotive story around a seemingly meaningless sea of data, allowing people to swiftly understand the key points without having to do any of the tedious reading. While anyone can pay to commission on it, there are certain factors you need to consider if you want your video to become a viral success!