Motion Graphics

Motion graphics never gets old, the cutting edge graphics is what people crave for, don’t they? This style of animation means the sky is the limit. A strong visual must already be conceived even before the idea plus this style often blends live-action elements with CGI components to give the audience a sense of wonder and intrigue. Motion graphics is our “thing” at Act on Video, this 1 minute 30 seconds video is the proof of our techniques and talent and we are not bragging about it. We should always remember that, be it live action, stop motion, 2D or 3D, all are just means to stylise and narrate a communication piece. Sure, sometimes a certain style of animation serves as more than just a visual preference, it can further express itself through textures and shapes. Motion Graphics video is very popular these days, these are easily adaptable to all kinds of industries and sectors. They can create social awareness on important issues by using lighter graphics. They are usable in training sector, gaming, education, kids learning etc. In marketing, animation can set the right tone for branding of any product. In some cases, brands may even use motion graphics to repackage their brand and create an instant brand recall.

Advertisers can also use this concept to promote their new products among potential customers. With motion graphics, it becomes easier to attract viewers’ attention than simple pictures or motionless graphics. The marketers can make the message simpler by using motion graphics in their videos. The information not only becomes easily comprehensible but can also be presented in a much more attractive way that can be retained longer by the potential is important to have a detailed and well-thought out storyboard to set the foundation for the unique visual elements your project team will produce. When the story has a captivating narrative, engaging content and useful information, you can ensure that your audience will enjoy and better comprehend your product or service.