Stick Figure Videos

What is stick figure animation?

A stick figure animation style is an extremely basic illustration of a man or creature, made out of a couple of lines, bends, and spots. In a stick figure, the head is articulated to by a circle, now and then decorated with subtle elements, for example, eyes, mouth or roughly scratched-out hair. The arms, legs, and middle are normally articulated to by straight lines. Points of interest, for

example, hands, feet, and a neck might be available or truant, and the less difficult stick figures frequently show an uncertain enthusiastic articulation or lopsided add-ons. Graffiti of stick figures are found all through history, frequently scratched with a sharp question on hard surfaces, for example, stone or solid dividers. Stick figures are frequently utilized as a part of representations for film storyboarding.

stick figure animation

How it’s made…

Stick figure animation style is made on computers, often on adobe flash since it doesn’t require much detailing in designing, numerous other stick figure animation suites exist, which enables the user to improvise & create animation frame by frame, thus making it easy and crisp without complex steps.

Have a look at this video for a better insight…

This 1 minute 33 seconds is “The Best” when it comes to animation involving stick figures, Act on video has revolutionized the whole concept behind stick figure animation. Stick figures are often used in animations made with Adobe Flash. Such figures are easy to draw and can be traditionally animated much more quickly than full drawings.

stick figure animation video

Stick figure Animations allow you to create fun stick figure animations. The animators are simple to use and easy to learn. However, creating smooth realistic looking animations takes skill and practice. Coming back to our turf, this video of our client providing top notch internet services can’t be explained much better than stick figure animation. We excel at this and we are improvising every day to provide our clients with the best possible service and output.

How it all started…

The history of stick figure explainer video goes back to caveman days. They have spanned time and language in communicating ideas and concepts. They are the way many of us learned to draw. We used them to play hangman and draw rudimentary cartoons. Stick figures have been used to mark crosswalks on traffic signs and most recently to show the world how big your family is on the back of a car. Today, simple stick figures are making a big impact on communications. Perhaps it is because our world is so complex we appreciate the simple stickman so much, but he and his cohorts seem to be everywhere. It is a trendy concept you may consider taking advantage of.


Stick figure videos can be a powerful way to communicate your messages, but there are some guidelines you should use. Make sure that any video production is done well. If you are using humor you want your audience to laugh for the right reason, and not because your video is laughingly bad. Decide on a persona for your stick figure characters.

Now let’s talk an about the characters & how it’s all done…

Everyone loves the skinny stick figure characters, they are fun to watch, but there’s a whole scenario behind it. Making your own particular stick figure character is a fun and energizing action. Do you recollect the time when you were a child when you simply wanted to draw characters alongside the doodles? There is no rule that you need to stop this diversion on the off chance that you are still into it as you develop into a grown-up. In the event that you need to take part in character movement, there are a couple of elements to consider.

To begin with, think about the word character. What do you need your stick figure animation to be about? Envisioning what your legend or courageous woman’s character will be can enable you to get an underlying thought and decide how your character will resemble. Begin with the fundamental geometric shapes. Circles, squares, and triangles are a decent approach to begin your illustration. At that point put in the subtle elements as you come. Make sure to incorporate into your search illustrations the diverse outward appearances of your character, similar to what it will look like when furious, glad or dull. Attract around five to seven beginning drafts of your characters previously going ahead to the subsequent stage.

Now where it all gets sticky…

Stick figure animation is fun to watch and fun to do as well, Act on video loves making it sticky with our own high-end animation software’s and we recommend you go for a company instead of doing it yourself, the reason being is that it doesn’t promise creativity and uniqueness. Study different software design and adhere to the one that you feel most good taking a shot at before searching for further developed software. Obviously, you additionally need to consider the impacts you are going to us like the foundation commotion, music, and the sound impacts. Once more, since you have a storyboard, you don’t need to do the activity in the grouping. You can experience the scenes and simply orchestrate them when you’re set. As simple as that, you can circulate duplicates of your activity highlight. Make sure to request criticism with the goal that you can enhance your next task. Who knows, possibly one day you will have the capacity to join the ranks of the world class in the field of being a stick figure animation character illustrator?

So this is it, we have given you a detailed insight into the whole concept of stick figure animation style, Act on video believes in educating you people before making you are the client. You can ask us for a better understanding as well as we are always there to help and guide. Get to know more about this and let’s start working on it as per your desires.