Whiteboard Animation

Let our work do the talking…

This 3-minute video is hand drawn perfection, whiteboard animation has always impressed the viewers.it started off fresh and inviting because as observers, we enjoyed watching something brought to fruition. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still a wonderful style as it keeps the intrigue with each stroke – never revealing the whole illustration until we see it in its entirety.

Whiteboard animation Servise

The problem is, it’s so popular that this style is just about everywhere. Acton video love’s doing videos for mobile apps, this whiteboard animation Service is for one of our clients ‘My indicators’, it is a service for person-centered care and self-care by collecting and analyzing your personalized indicators.

My Indicators is accessible from smartphones and browsers with a powerful functionality and it is easy to use. It supports multiple indicators and visualizations.

The rise of whiteboard animations…

Whiteboard animation videos have become a popular marketing tool in recent years. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, businesses are finding that videos, in general, are one of the best ways to connect with audiences.


Videos give you a way to combine words and pictures in an entertaining format to explain your product or business. What’s so special, however, about whiteboard animation videos in particular? , If you have ever seen such a video, you know that they have a way of capturing your attention.

There is something hypnotic about watching the words or images unfold on the whiteboard. This makes these videos an extremely effective tool for anyone trying to deliver a message in a compelling manner.

Whiteboard animation videos can also be used on your own blog or website to explain something about your product, service or business. This is a more entertaining way to convey information than to make people read long blocks of text or even watch a more ordinary type of video that contains nothing but slides or a person talking.

What involves in this hand-drawn perfection…

If you wish to make a whiteboard animation to present a great idea or concept to a group of investors, you must learn to do it professionally. Certainly, learning how to make whiteboard animations in a professional way is not easy.


You have to set up the lighting properly as well as use the right camera with the right camera settings. Normally, you can overcome these hurdles but the challenge comes during the last two phases of production, which are filming and post-processing. What involves is series of steps that ensures a video to be great and we’ll share it with you

Lights, Camera, Action …

Once you have set up the lighting and proper camera setting, you are ready to start filming. Assume the role of a director and allow your story to unfold to make the animation shine. Use a tape of any other color apart from white to make a frame on your whiteboard.

This prevents your talent from drawing out of the screen. You should mark where the center of your frame is. Since the talent is close to the whiteboard, it can be tough to get a good composition. Prior to filming, make a shot of the grey card, you made while setting the camera. Your talent may be holding pieces of paper with example drawings. Ensure that this does not appear in your camera. Ensure that there is no one standing in front of the lights since the shadows can be very distracting. Film everything even when your talent wipes out drawings. Stay focused, while aiding your talent with the animation’s sequence. The lights will make the room hot and everyone’s energy will be low so make jokes to keep everyone fresh.

Whiteboard animation Service

This is the last step in your whiteboard animation production. It is best to use the settings of an excellent movie editing software such as Adobe After Effects or Final Cut Pro to cross the T’s and dot the I’s. Determine your white color with a digital color meter as well as checking the whiteboard.

Whiteboard animation Service 1

Determine also your black color similar to the white color but now checking the shots of your grey card. Keep adjusting the saturation, color and exposure settings to make this happen. An important aspect of making the whiteboard animation is the audio. While recording your audio, make sure that there is no background noise. You must make certain that you have set the audio to the right volume. Find someone with a good voice to tell your story. Let the voice go hand in hand with your presentation on the whiteboard.

How can it be made?

Now why bother about making one when you have us? Acton video can help you make one but well we want you to read and stay on this page to read further. Let us tell you about some tutorials and software’s; when it comes to whiteboard animation tutorials, software’s can be very handy. One such is video scribe or video scribing, the recent version of Video scribe is indeed a much better version than the first version. It’s much user-friendly, easier to navigate and quite refreshing to look at.

Whiteboard animation Service 2

It has also added in new free SVG images in its library totaling to hundreds of doodles in 42 folders. Though they’ll never be enough to meet all expectations on various stories, at least you’ll have a lot more free SVG images to start with.

It’s also great that the font and text color functionalities have been enhanced, giving you more variations in your texts. Just don’t tick all the boxes pertaining to Latin Extended, Greek, Cyrillic, etc. as you import fonts unless you have a special need for them as it’ll take up so much time to complete it.


Getting it? We have made it quite clear and brief for you. So how about we make a video for you and show you how it’s done? Or if you have any confusion or questions then feel free to quote us. There’s a chat box right below as well.