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So, you just made a killer website by hiring a smart website developer, got its content written by a content guru, even bought a cool domain with most searches on the web, but you’re still missing out somewhere, THINK!  No, you don’t have a bad design, you see now, what you would do without us, your website lacks conversion and for that, you need a website demo video. A website demo video is like a jet fuel for a rocket, it is the main driving force that gets you views and exposure from a website.

Don’t believe us again? We don’t talk without credible insights, here’s what MarketingSherpa has to say about videos attracting 300% more traffic and leads

Now, why website demo videos matter? What makes them so important? ,  it’s because now your users, viewers and even customers expect you to make one as it builds credibility.

Secondly, the emotional connection isn’t there if your website is full of text, images help but people already have a short attention span. You need to make a sale right or get a lead? , when a visitor sees that you have spent money in the form of a website demo video for them which they see and get help from, they feel a connection and ultimately approach you for their query.

Thirdly, making sure that the visitor stays on the website, in technical terms, your website’s bounce rate, the most important reason why companies are now investing heavily in website demo videos is because the homepage is the 1st impression of them, most of the time a video is strategically placed with autorun feature so that when a visitor comes, it plays itself, hence keeping the visitor occupied for at least 1 minute. Even if he doesn’t make a deal or purchase, a low bounce rate helps the website ranking better by improving SEO.

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