2D Animation is the future

We live in a digital age don’t we? Well According to YouTube’s vice president of global content, video will soon account for 90% of Internet traffic. Does this ring any bells? 2D animation is a power house when it comes to digital marketing and we excel at 2d animation services. So why is animation so important & is it really the future? , Yes it is! There’s a change in trend that has increased the demand of 2d animation makers as a lot of animations that pop up online are used to promote apps or products and services that can’t really be explained by using live footage. It’s quite obvious too isn’t it? Look around you and explore. Digital 2D animation works like a magnet in getting the target audience attention.

Importance of 2D animated

2D animation focuses on creating characters, storyboards, and backgrounds in two-dimensional environments. 2D animations are one of the latest tools that are being used in the marketing strategies extensively. We can see a number of businesses are now getting explainer animated videos for their websites that is beneficial to keep the viewers engaged.

Why Choose our 2D animated services

Our animated video services have satisfied many clients that our mentioned on our website, 2d digital animation is in our backbone and we thrive for satisfying our customers and clients .2D animations help companies get engaged with their customers so that a stronger communication and trust can be built up between the two. Customers are wise today and they don’t want to rely on the companies who are not willing to interact with them. So it is the necessity of time to interact and build up the trust and good will among your customers.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is the Future of marketing & we excel at it

We all have heard about graphics in games and movies, Motion graphics is relatively new and is the “Next Big thing”. A sort of a coup taking over the digital marketing, and we are fully powered up to support this. Our Motion graphics artists have real passion for high quality motion graphics and post production. All of our animators are handpicked for their creative talent and attention to detail, creating unique pieces of work that not only meet our client’s needs but go that extra mile.

Motion Graphics explainer video types

Types of motion graphic videos

There are several types of motion graphic videos that include cartoon motion graphics, animated motion graphics, motion graphics explainer videos and motion graphics logo animation. Our motion graphic video services are impressive and unique.

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Importance of motion graphics
video production

The reason why motion graphics is the future of marketing is because of its effectiveness in communicating information in a short time because people have a short attention span to grasp the idea and what is being communicated. Motion graphics are cost-effective plus help us to show creativity and art more than reality plus Motion graphics has art and imagination at their root. This is one of the greatest forms of art that keep a thin line between imagination and reality.
We therefore can say motion graphics is a great source to peep into the new horizon of imaginations. As one of the best motion graphics video production company, we excel at motion graphics and are constantly improving and improvising every day.

What makes Whiteboard

animation the best?

There is nothing better than using a whiteboard animation explainer video in marketing, it’s the best choice nowadays. We at Act on video advise most of our clients to try out whiteboard animation videos if they are looking to market their brand or product/services. Whiteboard animation has taken the advertising notion to a complete new level. It is the cutting-edge marketing trend everyone is talking about. A whiteboard animation video can be used, to reach out to the masses in a completely different fashion.

Whiteboard animation

Types of whiteboard animation explainer videos

We have extensive expertise in wide range of whiteboard animation types like sketch animation, hand drawn white board animation and animated doodle video. Our team is full of creative skillset and offer high end whiteboard animation services that are regarded as one of the best whiteboard videos in US. Well we are not bragging, our portfolio says it all. Check it out. Our company furnishes whiteboard animation videos bit-by-bit with sincerity and devotion.

Whiteboard animation

Importance of Hand drawn Whiteboard animation

The white board animations are also known as video scribing or animated doodling as the idea is inspired by static doodles created in the past and still many people are fond of it. In these videos, the actual essence is created by time-lapse i.e. the original animation is not used but quick parts to demonstrate what’s happening are cut out and placed in motion. These animations are now prevalent and a trend that is extensively used to endorse any product or idea plus whiteboard animation creation is most demanded right now and is considered best for internet marketing. Whiteboard animation still holds its individuality due to the capturing way of storytelling and never revealing the whole essence all at once.

Text isn’t enough animated
texts are the new attraction

Kinetic typography animation, the technical name for “moving text”—is an animation technique mixing motion and text to express ideas using video animation. We know about the changing trends that are taking place and our animated kinetic typography team is the best in US that specializes in top notch kinetic typography videos. So what qualities do Best Kinetic typography videos have? , The power of kinetic typography as a medium of expression that can’t be overestimated, using it in communicating your business ideas, you make the viewer’s hang on every word. Typography videos are engaging and fun to watch as it is easier to grasp the idea through animated texts. These videos help digest complicated ideas that are really difficult to understand otherwise, Short how to videos and introductory videos are beneficial as people are keen to learn. So, engaging people on your website or social channel is easier through these animations.

Why our kinetic typography video makers the best ?

Our kinetic typography makers have created the best typography videos for clients all over US and our website portfolio is the proof. So if you need to lift your enterprise for education or public awareness for instance, kinetic typography animation is an outstanding prospect for you. However, finding an organization that is capable to serve you fine quality animation is a strenuous job. But you do not have to anguish about it to any further extent as we have flawless services for you. ‘Act on Video’ is all you require if you are longing for kinetic typography videos.

The most cost Friendly Animation
solution for marketing

Paper cut animation is the cheapest and the easiest animation there is, it is widely used in explainer videos for online marketing and social Medias. Cut out Video Animations are a novel way of serving as marketing tools with the power to influence your audiences’ decision and actions to create much needed conversions. Actonvideo lays great stress on the use of paper cut out animation and our extensive animation experience enables us to create best cut out animation videos for our clients in US and globally.

animation videos

Types of best cut out animation videos

Types of cut out animation includes cut out characters, paper motion animation, 2d cutout animation and cut out cartoon characters.

animation videos

Why use cut out animation videos?

Cut out style animation requires fewer resources and is relatively cheaper than other animations due to the advent of technology; cutout animation is one of the easiest and fastest animation techniques nowadays. It is effective in marketing or promoting a certain cause as it has its own charm to make the audience interest grow closer plus it is cost efficient and could be effective in promoting a certain business. We have great expertise in making cut out animations as it is the most demanded animation nowadays.