Welcome to Act on Video®, the place where animations are born and laughter is our secret ingredient! We’re not just your average animation studio—we’re a bunch of talented misfits who love to blend creativity with humor. At ActonVideo, we’re serious about making you smile. Your one-stop shop for animations that are not only visually stunning but also packed with humor that will brighten your day. Get ready to embark on a wild and whimsical journey with us—because life is just better when you’re laughing.

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Welcome to Act on Video – where professionalism meets boundless creativity. The stage is set, and we eagerly await the opportunity to showcase our expertise on your behalf. Picture this: You’re a bold startup, hungry for success, ready to conquer the world. But wait, what’s missing? Ah, the key to unlock your true potential lies with us—the magic wand that will grant your business an unfair advantage over your competitors. Prepare to be spellbound!

We have catered services to business sectors effectively and have now become one of the top Animation Companies in US, Middle East and UK. Moreover, Animated cartoon video production studio with a team of highly professional experts who possess unique creativity skills. Our clients have made us what we are and it’s our objective to provide you with the best service and support. If you have been looking for the most proficient and reasonable plus creative explainer video service then your search ends here.

Go through our portfolio and services to experience professionalism and creativity, our vast work catalog is what makes us the best in this field plus project delays and budget overruns just don’t happen to us as we are totally focused on our and your objectives. Speaking of creativity, we have boasted a lot about our creative skills above right? , well we just don’t “Blow our own trumpet”, take a look at our arsenal and what we offer. Act on video offers, Cutting edge motion graphics & Enchanting hand-drawn whiteboard animation, Kinetic typography, 3D animation, Infographic animation and 2D animation.

But do you know what we’re amazing at? Its 3D Character animation, 3D Product animation, 3D Modeling, 3D Simulation and VFX (Visual Effects) you name it. Whenever there’s a technological advancement in a visual medium, two things happen. First, people notice. Second, new stories become possible and Act on video with the power of 3D makes it POSSIBLE.

We don’t settle for mediocrity. We dare to be different, empowering you to rise above the mundane and stand tall among the crowd. Together, we shall forge a path to success that leaves everyone awestruck. So, are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey with Act on Video?

The stage is set, and the curtain is about to rise. Let the magic unfold!

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