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3 Important Tips for Creating Impressive Corporate Training Videos

Posted by actonvideo — Aug 18, 2018

A recent study found that 98% of survey respondents recognize the value of using Corporate Training Videos for training employees....

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13 Interesting Reason’s why you need a Business Explainer Video for your Company.

Posted by actonvideo — Aug 09, 2018

Ever wonder why businesses nowadays are obsessed with videos about themselves? Showing who they are and what they do, you might th....

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Creative Web Explainer Videos for a Website (How to make one)

Posted by actonvideo — Aug 08, 2018

A web explainer video introduces, explains your product to your target audience .these explainer videos are short engaging videos ....

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How a Product Launch Promo Video can Create Interest for a product

Posted by actonvideo — Jul 20, 2018

Videos can create excitement over a product or service being offered. They can demonstrate the advantages that a company wants to ....

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