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Why Video Marketing with Animated Explainer Video is Easier than You Think

Posted by actonvideo — Oct 11, 2017

We have talked a lot about why animated explainer videos are the most important weapon in online video marketing, but we often won....

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Why is there a need for an explainer video for business?

Posted by actonvideo — Sep 28, 2017

If you run and own a business then you need to be concerned about how you can attract more people and customers to your website an....

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The process of explainer video production

Posted by actonvideo — Sep 26, 2017

We hardly wonder how it’s done right. How explainer videos are made and what’s the process.  Well explainer video production ....

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Tips for writing an amazing animated explainer video script

Posted by actonvideo — Sep 21, 2017

Animated explainer video is eye candy to watch, we all know that don’t we have done countless talks on this and digged up all as....

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