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Reasons to Use an Animated Explainer Video to pitch FIFA world cup 2018

Posted by actonvideo — May 31, 2018

World’s most favorite sporting event is just around the corner, yes, we are talking about FIFA world cup 2018 being held in Russ....

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Why is an Explainer Video Essential to your Product Marketing Strategy

Posted by actonvideo — May 19, 2018

For businesses, Explainer video marketing can help break & reach new levels in getting different market segments through an ef....

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8 Genius Examples of Sales Converting Explainer Videos

Posted by actonvideo — Apr 30, 2018

Explainer videos have proved themselves to be the twenty-first-century sales machine. 90-second animatic would make you wonder if ....

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What makes a YouTube video marketing strategy effective

Posted by actonvideo — Apr 26, 2018

A lot of other businesses are not implementing a YouTube video marketing strategy, especially small businesses. As we say, the ma....

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