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Animated Fitness Videos? Heard about them?….

What’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to connect with more of the right kind of customers in this huge and very busy fitness profession? Simple! You need to be creating and socially sharing good quality animated fitness explainer video across your social media main social media accounts. Why?

Well, for one thing, research continues to show that visuals are phenomenally more effective and instantaneous compared to text for communicating information to people, Consider this:

  • Our brains decode visual information 60K times faster than text.
  • 70% of your sensory receptors are actually inside your eye.
  • 80% of viewers recall an internet video they have seen in the last 30 days.

When it comes to animated fitness video….

Fitness trainers and wellness coaches actually have it really easy compared to many of the other professions out there! It’s just a matter of sharing what we do best in the gym, in corporate settings over the phone and in our consulting offices. Here are some quick practical tips to get you moving forward with video marketing:


  • Make short demonstrations using animated fitness videos where you explain the benefits of specific exercise, training principle, coaching or wellness practices.
  • Keep your videos short – 90 seconds is optimal for keeping viewer attention on YouTube.
  • Apply the key principles of deep-engagement business blog writing (such as the 1-2-3 rule) to quickly craft effective story lines for your video content.
  • Monitor your engagement metrics on YouTube, your blog where you post your videos and on your other social media channels. This will allow you to see what your followers and fans are really spending time watching, so you can create fresh content around those targeted topics of interest and keywords.
  • “Piggy-back” on popular media trends by creating quick video vlogs where you share your expertise, opinions and unique insights on hot popular media and news stories.
  • Try to post daily animated fitness videos frequently, Just like with highly effective business blogging, frequently posting (15-30 times per month) fresh, engaging animated fitness video is arguably one of the most powerful organic SEO strategies currently availed.
  • Remember this is a learning process it’s ok to make mistakes and learn as you go. If you’re real world clients love your work then chance are, so will your ideal customer through your visual marketing efforts.


This “multichannel” approach is a critical success factor in digital branding, social community building and social selling. Why?

Because customers typically use more than one channel when making a purchasing decision. You can increase your conversion rate 24% by using visuals on different social media sites.

  • Get Emotional and Get Noticed– People do not make buying decisions exclusively on statistics, people purchase from companies they associate with strong, positive emotions. Marketing that tells a story with visual content that inspires emotions, such as excitement and delight is 200% as effective as more fact or information based marketing alone.
  • Get Real Audience Involvement Going– The goal of marketing is to gain loyal customers, What’s the best way to engage them? Just ask them to get involved with your brand.

Here’s How:

  • Use visuals for setting up contests and awarding prizes.
  • Requesting they send in questions and answering them in a short video is powerful.
  • Including call to action buttons.

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